Background and slide content are flipped in Zoom or Google Meet

If you use mmhmm Studio with Zoom or Google Meet, you may notice that your image appears flipped. By default, many video conferencing tools flip your video feed horizontally to make it feel more like a regular mirror. This flipped image is then broadcast to your audience in the correct orientation.

Your image is not actually flipped and your audience will see you and your slides in the same orientation you see in mmhmm Studio. 

Zoom Google Meet
If you don't want to see yourself mirrored in Zoom, you can turn this setting off:
  1. Open Zoom and start or join a meeting.
  2. In the bottom toolbar, click the caret ^ icon next to Stop Video and select Video Settings.


  3. In the left sidebar, go to Video.
  4. In the Camera setting, uncheck Mirror my video.


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