(Legacy) Set a proxy server in mmhmm for Windows

Note: This article covers setting a proxy server on mmhmm for Windows which is a legacy application. Download the new mmhmm for the most up to date experience on Windows.

Here's how to set a proxy server with optional user authentication in mmhmm for Windows. 

  1. Click on the mmhmm menu > “Settings” > “Proxy authentication”.

  2. This will open a window called “Proxy Settings” where you can set whether or not mmhmm uses a proxy server.
    There are three options to select from: 
    • “Don’t use a proxy” - mmhmm will not use a proxy server. 
    • “Auto-detect the system proxy” - mmhmm will detect the proxy used by your computer and apply those settings to be used in the app. This option is selected by default.
    • "Use the following proxy" - mmhmm will use your desired proxy settings.
  3. To set your desired proxy settings, select “Use the following proxy” and input your “Host” and “Port” settings into the appropriate boxes. Then select “Apply” to confirm your settings.
Note: You will need to select the “Proxy requires authentication” checkbox if your proxy server requires a username and password.
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