(Legacy) Import slides into mmhmm for Windows

Note: This article covers importing presentation slides on mmhmm for Windows which is a legacy application. Download the new mmhmm for the most up to date experience on Windows.

Use this guide to learn how to use mmhmm with your preferred presentation software.

Import your deck from PowerPoint, Keynote, or as a PDF

In mmhmm for Windows, you can import your presentation file using the following methods:

In the mmhmm slide tray, Click on New Slide > Import presentation and select your PowerPoint, Keynote, or PDF presentation from your hard drive. 


Click on the ☰ icon on the top left-hand corner of the mmhmm window. Click on File > Import File and select your PowerPoint, Keynote, or PDF presentation from your hard drive. 


Note: If your font did not render correctly, export your presentation as a PDF and import it into mmhmm.

Use a mmhmm screen share slide

Keynote, PowerPoint, and Google Slides have a feature called "present to window" that makes it significantly easier to share the contents of a presentation without making the toolbars and presenter notes visible to your audience. In any of these programs, first, present to a new window, then use an mmhmm screen share slide to select that new window to present. 

Here's how to set up "present to window" in several presentation software platforms:

Once "present to window" is set up, create a mmhmm screen share slide to share your presentation slides. 

Export your slides as images

To import slides into mmhmm from another service, you must first export your slides as images.

Click on New Slide > Media to import your images from your computer.



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