Record and share videos using Studio

You can record your Studio presentation and share it on mmhmm to reach a wider audience in your team or organization.

Note: This page is about Studio. For information about mmhmm, read Record and share videos on mmhmm.

Record a video

Click the red Record button in the middle of the mode bar to start recording a take. Once the countdown finishes, Studio will begin recording. Click the button again to stop your recording session. The take will then sync to the cloud. 


During recording, if you dislike your take, click on the X next to the red Stop button to discard it. 


Then, click Discard in the pop-up window to delete your take.


Trim your recording

Click the Takes drop down and select Manage Takes... to see a preview of your recording.


Then, select Fade out or Trim take. Both options help to ensure your transitions are smooth from one take to another. Click Trim take to start the trimming process. Click and drag each end of video slider to select the portion of your recording you want to keep. Then click the blue Trim button to apply your trim.


Review your recording

Once you have recorded your presentation, use Playback mode to view your presentation in its entirety. Choose Snappy, Turbo, or Max speed to make this step faster. Of course, if you need to make any changes, you can always stop Playback to go back to Edit mode and make adjustments to your video.


Playback mode allows you to mix pre-recorded and live content within a single presentation. For example, pre-record a sales pitch or class lecture, then insert a LIVE slide to switch to live Q&A at the appropriate points. A LIVE slide is any slide for which you have not recorded any Takes (or where you’ve selected None / Live video in the Manage Takes window.)  


Save and share your video

Once you are ready to save and share your recorded video, click Share above the slide tray and choose how you want to share your recording.


  • Share it with your organization (available to mmhmm for Teams users only).
  • Create a link to share it publicly.
  • Share it with specific people via email.
  • Export your recording to your computer as an MP4.

Give your video a title and description, and choose a thumbnail photo by using the slider under the thumbnail preview to select one.


Select your target audience in the privacy dropdown on the right-hand side of the window.


Add your video to an mmhmm channel you've joined by clicking the desired channel. 

mmhmm studio privacy share.png

Click Publish to upload your video to mmhmm and share it with your audience.


Once your video has been published, you can copy the link to it to share with others by clicking Copy link. You can view it yourself by clicking View in browser. You can also share your video on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook by clicking on their respective icons. Selecting Edit settings will allow you to make changes to your published video as outlined above.


If you want to see the last time you shared your video, click on Share in the mode bar. The dropdown will show you the last published date and time.


Use takes in Studio

With takes, you can redo recordings on a slide-by-slide basis instead of re-recording your entire presentation. During a recording session, Studio will automatically generate a take for each slide. An icon will appear next to the slide name to show that a take was recorded for that slide.


Tip: Start a new recording session if you want to re-record any of your slides or redo the take. There is no limit to the number of takes you can record.

To choose which take you’d like to use in the final presentation, select that take from the dropdown on the right side of the mode bar.


You can also select Manage Takes to see a preview of each take and select which one you’d like to use in your final presentation.


CopyRename, or Delete any of the takes listed on that slide by clicking on the ellipsis ... next to your desired take. 


You can also upload a video slide and set it as an "original video" so that when you playback your Studio presentation, the slide looks like it was recorded natively in Studio instead of a slide behind you:

Video slide over your shoulder Original video
SCR-20230406-ldvj.png SCR-20230406-ldzr.png

To learn more, click here and read the information about Studio under File from computer.

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