Find your shared videos/recordings and edit their settings

You can find videos that you've shared with others on Studio. You can also edit their descriptions, titles, shared settings, and thumbnails.

Note: This page is about Studio. For information about mmhmm, read Find your shared videos/recordings and edit their settings in mmhmm.

Find your shared videos

Click Presentations on the top left-hand side of Studio to open the presentation library.


Sort the list by clicking the Published header to sort by most recently shared.


Double-click the presentation to open it.


Edit your shared videos settings

Open the Studio presentation you would like to edit and click Share in the mode bar. In the drop-down menu that appears, click Edit Settings.


Here you can edit the title, thumbnail, description, and video privacy settings. When you're ready to save your edits, click Save.

mmhmm studio share with channel.png

To apply your changes, click Publish Changes in the Share dropdown.


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