Keyboard shortcuts, hotkeys, and gestures in Studio

You can use keyboard shortcuts, hotkeys, and gestures to make your Studio experience more efficient.

Note: This page is about Studio. For information about mmhmm, read Keyboard shortcuts, hotkeys, and gestures in mmhmm.

App shortcuts

New presentation command_key.pngn_key.png
Open presentation command_key.pngo_key.png
Close presentation command_key.pngw_key.png

Slide and background shortcuts

Turn slides on and off comma_key.png
Toggle full screen slides period_key.png
Turn the laser pointer on and off p_key.png
Duplicate selected slide command_key.pngd_key.png
Previous or next slide left_arrow_key.png or right_arrow_key.png
Switch between the first ten rooms command_key.png  +  0_number_key.png  through  9_number_key.png

Camera shortcuts

Turn camera on and off fwd_slash.png
Turn away screen on and off a_key.png
Reset your camera to default settings command_key.pngr_key.png
Stops a recording that's in progress command_key.pngperiod_key.png

Presenter shortcuts

Increase or decrease presenter opacity by 20% option_key.pngup_arrow_key.png or  down_arrow_key.png
Increase or decrease presenter size by 20% command_key.pngup_arrow_key.png or  down_arrow_key.png
Change presenter anchor to the bottom left command_key.pngleft_arrow_key.png
Change presenter anchor to the bottom right command_key.pngright_arrow_key.png
Change presenter anchor to the top left command_key.pngoption_key.pngleft_arrow_key.png
Change presenter anchor to the top right command_key.pngoption_key.pngright_arrow_key.png
Navigate to the next presentation tab ctrl_key.pngtab_key.png
Navigate to the previous presentation tab ctrl_key.pngshift_key.pngtab_key.png

Playback shortcuts

Seek backward or forward left_arrow_key.png or right_arrow_key.png
Play or pause playback space_key.png
Skip to previous or next slide shift_key.pngleft_arrow_key.png or right_arrow_key.png

MacBook trackpad shortcuts

Mouse shortcuts

  • Change your opacity: Scroll your mouse wheel over your image.
  • Change your image size: Hold the Command key and scroll over your image. 

MacBook Pro Touch Bar shortcuts


Add new slide touchbar_-_new_slide.png
Turn off slides touchbar_-_slides_off.png
Set slides to shoulder touchbar_-_slides_shoulder.png
Set slides to full screen touchbar_-_slides_full.png
Turn the Away screen on and off touchbar_-_away_mode.png
Turn the laser pointer on and off touchbar_-_laser_pointer.png
Turn camera on and off touchbar_-_hide_me.png

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