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Note: This page is about Studio. For information about mmhmm, read mmhmm Product updates.

The latest version of Studio

The latest version of Studio is 2.6.3.

Version Information Release Date

New features, bug fixes and improvements:

  • Camera connection analytics have been added back which were once lost when Studio moved to the new system extension technology.
20 December

Version 2.x release notes

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Release date


New features, bug fixes, and improvements:

  • More fixes for file storage reductions that might result in blank slides.
  • Clean up for links to Help Center.
  • Performance and stability improvements
28 November

New features, bug fixes, and improvements:

  • Improved text for errors that might occur when installing the mmhmm Studio camera.

  • The name of applications that are connected to the mmhmm Studio camera are now displayed in the status area.
  • Fixed some visual artifacts that might appear in macOS Sonoma.
  • Applied fixes for file storage reductions that might result in blank slides.
1 November

New features, bug fixes, and improvements:

  • The mmhmm Studio virtual camera has been updated to continue working with the latest version of macOS. After installing the update, we will guide you through installing the new camera and removing the older legacy camera.

  • The new camera now works with first-party Apple apps including FaceTime, Safari, Photo Booth, & QuickTime. It continues to work with Zoom, Meet, Teams, Webex, and other video platforms.
  • Slides now show on top when you show your real room as the background automatically.
  • PowerPoints, PDFs, and other documents have an improved importing process.
  • New grid to help with aligning slides and other objects when moving them on the stage.
24 October

New features, bug fixes, and improvements:

  • Presenter video can now be mirrored. Select “Mirror video” from the Camera menu or Camera toolbar popup.

  • Option to remove takes from all selected slides. Select “Set all to None” from the takes button below the stage.

  • “Slides on top” option is now always available. This option was previously limited, depending on your green screen and frame settings.

  • Fixed a bug where slides and takes from the trash were included in an exported presentation.

23 June

New features, bug fixes, and improvements:

  • Improved disk space warnings while recording, resolving a bug where you might be shown an out of disk space error incorrectly.

  • Reduced reserved disk space requirement to start recording from 20 GB to 10 GB.

  • Significantly improved performance of scrolling in the slide tray.

5 May

New features, bug fixes, and improvements:

  • We've re-written the recorder from the ground up for reliability and more consistent syncing between audio and video.

  • It's now possible to import presenter videos from outside mmhmm. Try it from the Manage Takes window of any slide.

  • We'll warn you when you are about to run out of disk space while recording and give you a chance to save what you have done.

  • You can now make image slides much larger than previous constraints would allow.

  • Improved consistency of options available for editing and copying of slides and scenes in the slide tray.

26 April

New features, bug fixes, and improvements:

  • We’ve made it easy to copy and paste all of your presenter settings if you want to keep the same settings in a different scene.
    • Sometimes recordings have errors that make them impossible to publish, we’ve improved our messaging to help find problem slides and takes.
    • We’ve added the ability to move unused takes from multiple slides to the trash all at once.
    • Now you can also empty the trash for multiple slides all at the same time.
    • We’ve fixed a bug that occurred at the intersection of HEVC video slides and their captions.
    • We’ve fixed a couple of bugs related to presenter color effects.
16 February
  • Fixed bug that may have prevented being able to log out.
  • Added "Copy Link" to the presentations window menu.
  • Added "Scene" item to the slides context menu so you can change the scene for the selected slide(s).
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs with camera and microphone device permissions, disconnection, reconnection & muting (especially in macOS Ventura).
  • Fixed a bug that may result in a crash upon launch.
  • Performance and stability improvements.
18 January

New features and improvements:

  • mmhmm is now named mmhmm Studio
    • Added search to the room catalogue
    • Your last selected camera / microphone will be remembered and re-selected if you disconnect and reconnect it
    • Way better support for working with your MacBook lid closed - you should no longer see messages about your camera being unavailable
    • Added a main menu item for the Microphone selection
    • Start and end time for the selected take for a slide is shown below the title in the slide tray.
18 October

New features and improvements:

  • Recorded slide details are now shown in the Status area when in Playback.
  • Uploading a presentation will now take priority over syncing slides and takes.
  • Reduced disk space usage by no longer downloading takes for closed presentations.
  • Reduced disk space usage by deleting assets for deleted slides and takes.
25 August

New features and improvements:

  • Added support for Sign in with Apple.
  • Improved compatibility with the new mmhmm for web.
  • Fixed bug that may result in colored bars being displayed after first install.
  • Improved handling and display of sync errors.
8 July

New features and improvements:

  • Improvements to physical green screen boundary precision.
  • Added language support for Ukrainian.
  • Updated the screen to inform users when mmhmm is not running but chosen as the camera in other applications.
  • Improvements to publishing, including the ability to change the poster frame.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing animated GIFs from animating when used as a custom room.
  • Fixed a bug that was reverting selected room when creating a new scene.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause presenter to disappear from playback if the camera is muted.
  • Fixed a bug that caused slides to restart while publishing or syncing.
  • Fixed a bug that caused slides to revert to their old position after being reordered.
16 June

New features and improvements:

  • Presentations now sync between your computers. Make changes on one computer, see them on another.
  • No more time limits on presenter tools, instead you can now increase your room choices and sharing limit by upgrading to mmhmm Premium.
  • Improvements to the publishing experience.
12 May

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed a bug that was causing the Waves and Paper World rooms to occasionally look "compressed".
  • Fixed bug that caused the area around the presenter to look slightly delayed from the rest of the video.
  • Fixed a bug where screen sharing slides did not fill the screen in Playback mode.
19 April

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Added a quick way to mute/unmute the camera - very similar to the microphone mute. Just click the camera button in the toolbar.
  • Fixed a bug that was cutting off some parts of letters in slide titles.
  • Fixed a bug so that slide captions appear immediately for GIPHY slides.
8 March

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed a bug that caused mmhmm’s memory usage to creep up slowly.
12 February

This update includes a number of bug fixes and improvements.

New features:

  • Added a quick way to mute/unmute the microphone - just click the microphone button in the toolbar.
  • Improved microphone & camera popovers.
  • Improved reliability of recording from Snap Camera.
  • Fixes for playback when changing the presenter scale.
  • Recording with cameras capable of 4K or 60fps is now more reliable.
  • Connecting & disconnecting headsets is more reliable (especially for AirPods).
  • Fixes to improve the reliability of publishing.
28 January

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Improvements to virtual green screen for M1 Macs running macOS 12.
  • Fixed bug to improve the reliability of recordings when using an external camera and virtual green screen on M1 Macs running macOS 12.
14 January

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Improved reliability for presentation publishing.
  • Fixed bug so that presentations that take longer than one hour to upload can be published.
  • Fixed bug to improve the order of slides when re-arranging slides.
  • Fixed bug so that slide captions can appear immediately when publishing or changing slides.
  • Removed appearance of shaking for takes that contain screenshares.
17 December

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Language support for Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.
  • Fixed a bug where recording progress may be lost if an error occurs during recording.
  • Fixed crash that might occur if exporting takes that contain a pointer.
  • Fixed video and audio possibly being out of sync when exporting a presentation.
  • Fixed screens sometimes don't appear when creating a screen share slide.
  • Fixed text slides sometimes don't scale words correctly leading to truncation onto multiple lines.
  • Improved performance for Intel processors with integrated graphics.
21 November

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Language support for Arabic, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese & Spanish.
  • Recording fixes for Intel hardware that might affect quality and reliability during longer recordings.
1 November

Bug fixes and Improvements:

  • Support for macOS 12 Monterey.
  • New Virtual Green Screen exclusive to macOS 12. Monterey when using an M1 based Mac.
  • Fixes for recording reliability on high-end hardware.
  • More recording and publishing fixes.
  • Fixed bug exporting and importing presentations where the preferred take may not remain selected.
25 October


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7 October

Bug fixes and Improvements:

  • Scenes can now be renamed and deleted. Renamed scenes won't automatically be deleted when no longer used.
  • Scenes now have colors, making them easier to identify when you have a bunch.
  • You can now easily join or leave the Beta program from the mmhmm menu.
  • Fixed a few bugs preventing game controllers from working correctly.
  • Fixed crashes importing mmhmm 1.0 presentations.
  • Fixed bugs that may result in PDF / PowerPoint / Keynote imports not finishing.
  • Improved support for Japanese.
15 July

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3 June

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